Monday, July 16, 2018


GABRIELA SE BAUTIZO!!!!! yayyyyyy bautismo!!! And it was soooo good! She was so happy, Presidente was so happy, I was so happy and God was happiest of all. I’m sure of it. 

Newsity news news:
·       Here is a nice list of people I love from Oran - 
·       Matias - he loves to dance. But maybe too much lol
·       Hermana Martinich - gives the best mom hugs and has beautiful curls and the strongest testimony of the gospel. 
·       Dante - return missionary for 4 years and is still not married so he asked if we had investigadores our recent converts that were interested. Needless to say he will be visiting some of our favorite people this week
·       Chico de la primaria - tbh I don’t even know his name but he always greets me with a high five and gets real excited. I love you too dude. 
·       Agustina - one of our young investigadores that gave me a really cool pen
·       Gladys - our neighbor that always yells HI HERMANAS!!!! 
·       Brenda- that always touches my hair. Without fail. 
·       Alberto - that is ALWAYS with his little brother of 5 years. (He has 25 years) they are best friends. So cute
·       Gail - that ran across the whole park to say hi to us
·       Camila - what’s not to love about her?
·       Other lady that I forgot her name - made us the biscuechelo most yummy in my whole life 


Also MISSION HACK - if you fall asleep in your dress...BOOM. You are already dressed and ready for the next day. hahaha

One last bit of news: WE MADE GINGERBREAD COOKIES and they are probably the second best thing that has ever happened to me (the first being the gospel of Jesus Christ. claro) Now Hermana Kreutzkamp and I have a tradition to make them every day after lunch. We are happy folks. 

Anywayyyyyyyyyyssss sometimes I get carried away. Sorry bout it 

·       Fat man talking to us. Hermana Kamp "he’s like jello"; me - tries not to burst out laughing in public
·       We had an activity playing soccer with the primary and a little kid says "I’m more confused than that dog" hahahaha ok. That’s one way to explain your confusion
·       Camila was talking about how her dad washes his car every day and she says “He washed his car more than his propio body hahahahahah

·       Gabriela se bautizo! It was super crazy because she was in Salta the whole week but she showed up just in time for her baptism. I love her so much. And I know she will continue forward in the church bc she has so much support from her family and the branch.
·       We found so many incredible people this week that GOD has prepared for HIS message. It is amazing to see the hand of God in His marvelous work and a wonder

Prayer list:
Pls pray for Luis, Emilio, Gabriel, Yael, Jose, Elsa 

HERMANOS. There is so much to be grateful for. God is so good. 


Love you alllll

hermana mannewitz 

This is Brenda.  She always touches my hair.

Gaby <333

She has 24 years.  She is my hero.  I love her.


Monday, July 9, 2018


HAPPY DIA DE INDEPENDCIA!! So proud of Argentina for being independent and being the best country in the world (other than the fact that we are still mourning the loss in the world cup).

So here in Argentina when someone walks in when we are all eating or when someone finishes their plate of food, everyone yells PROVECHO. And we all have to say gracias. And I still don’t understand. But ok. It’s funny. Anywwwways. There are two reasons why I named this email provecho
1. Cuz I was really hungry yesterday but we had to leave to visit some children of God so I washed my lettuce real quick and headed out the door. We were walking in the street and ran into some members and they said "Hermana Mannewitz. Why are you eating lettuce?"  Then when they were walking away, they yelled PROVECHO. jajaja 
2. Provecho means - take advantage of (and that’s why I don’t understand why they say it in lunch but bueno, I’ll hop off my soap box now).  Anyway, I have learned that we have to take advantage of EVERY MINUTE AND EVERY SECOND that we have in the obra misional cuz it goes by really fast. So if you are not pleased with what you are doing in your life, make the changes necessary because happiness is essential. 

·       In the middle of a lesson when a lady starts talking about Henry Ford - that he was a great man and was a man of great faith. Thank you. Back to Jose Smith
·       H Mann "what’s the awkwardest date you have ever been on? 
H Kamp "have you ever heard of chuck e cheeses?" jajajaja
·       When an old lady in relief society pulls out her magnifying glass to read a scripture. Made me smile.
·       A DOG ATE MY AGENDA. That’s it. I’ve had it with the dogs here in Argentina.

·       Damian is literally the best. He memorized the 5th article of faith and is currently memorizing the sacrament prayers. Most incredible 8 year old boy I know.
·       One day, various people gave us the following food: palta, eggplant, mini pumpkins and sugar. Thank you. 
·       Let me tell you a little bit about Serena. She’s the best. She has 18 years and is the person most excited for her mission that I have met in my entire life. Literally every day she talks about how excited she is for her mission. She accompanies us all the time and bears the sweetest testimony. She gets to start her mission papers in November and is already counting the days. She is a great example to me and helps me remember the GREAT opportunity I have to be a missionary for the true church. Sooooo blessed. 

“A fullness of joy" is found in the work of the Lord

Alma 29:10 “And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.”


Have a good week! Look both ways before crossing the street. Say your prayers! 


Hermana Mann 

my bff - Kati - she always gives me a hug so tight that I can't breath

HIJO MIO!  From Brazil

pls enjoy this photo of me and Valentina but more importantly, the grandma watching
the tele with  all her heart, might, mind and strength!  jajaja

Salta Sisters reunited

Zone Conference!  Las Hermanas in our little zone!

Monday, July 2, 2018

God bless America…and Argentina (and Bolivia amiright)

So Argentina did not win and it has been a real heartbreaker but missionary work and chocolate is the answer to all our problems. Everyone here has entered a small stage of depression but send prayers this way and every little thing will be alright. 

What a great week we had here in the best mission in the entire world - la gran mision Argentina Salta! Presidente Orquera always reminds us that we are the best mission with the best missionaries (and we remind him that he is the best mission president...cuz he is) 

This week we went to Salta for the leadership council and it was so good!  We talked about family history work and the constant need to learn from our leaders and be better. I love the humility that Presidente Orquera has. He is so good at taking advice and APPLYING IT in the mission. Great man. 

·       We didn’t get that lost this week! (but we couldn’t find a field to play soccer this morning and the elders almost killed me lol) 
·       Juana!!!! ohmygosh. I love Juana. She is a little grandma that always gives us cookies and she came to church on Sunday and really wants to be baptized. It is amazing the way that God prepares His children
·       Hermana Kreutzkamp!!!! Love her so much! She is finishing her mission but really is working till the end - such a good example of obedience and diligence! 

·       Presidente was talking about the missionaries who are really lazy and never work and he says, “It’s a good thing air is free or they might die" jajaja
·       Lady in lunch telling us about all the problems in her life and comes to a conclusion that it is better to be a bad person then be a good person. Ok. That’s cool. 
·       So I play the piano for the branch but yesterday Presidente chose a song I didn’t know so we tried to sing acapella and let’s just say that it was a straight disaster. lolol

So this week I was memorizing the scripture (in Spanish of course) 

D & C 58:27  “Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness;”

But in Spanish it says we should be anxiously consecrated and I love that. We need to give our ALL to God 100% and nothing less. And I promise that doing so will bring true happiness


Love you all! 

hermana mann

Hermana Kreutzkamp

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me. The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me. THE KRUSTY KRAAAAAAAAAAAB PIZZA IS THE PIZZZZZA FOR YOU AND MEEEEEEEEEE 
Yeah idk why I have that song stuck in my head. pls send help

HEY GUESS WHAT! JULIA AND FRANCO WERE BAPTIZED! They were some amazing investigadores that I had in Manantial! So happy for them!!!!! 

So basically this week could be featured on one of those shirts that says keep calm and carry on but more like "keep calm and pretend your companion aka bff doesn’t live on the other side of the world and you will maybe never see her again so make the best of this week and order lots of hamburgers. Keep calm and carry on amiright?  ughhhhhhh so yeah. Hermana Daldegan is currently headed to BRAZIL!!!! I love her so much and learned so much from her! My new companion is called Hermana Kamp from good ole Utah! She will also be finishing her mission so we will make the most of these 6 weeks!!!! 

BUT ALSO I HAD MIS QUINCE!!!!!!! See pics attached. But basically, Latina culture is that when a girl completes 15 years, they throw a huge party. Well I am from Nebraska so I never had a quince but I did complete 15 months in the mission so we had a big party!!!!! Huge shout out to my district for helping my dreams come true! It was the best day ever - food, dance, talks, roses EVERYTHING! So happy so blessed

·       A homeless man asked me for money so I gave him bread. He walked away and yelled "Revelations 3:16" so I popped open my biblia and what? thank you dude
·       Let me set up this scene for you .... Hermana Daldegan and Hermana Mannewitz are walking in a dark street at 9:00 at night. There is no one else in the street other than a strange man in the corner. Hermana Mannewitz is afraid. Hermana Mannewitz tells Hermana Daldegan - hey I’m scared. Hermana Daldegan now has lots of fear. Together, they decide to stop at a small store and pretend to buy food until the strange man in the corner leave. The man does not leave. The hermanas are with more fear and decide to pray. Thinking of an escape plan, the man in the corner begins to move. Shaking, Hermana Daldegan and Hermana Mannewitz say: Oh no - he’s coming. The man turns to the side AND ITS A FREAKIN HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even kidding. we were so scared of a horse lol
·       Hermana Lopez came to be with me until my new companion comes and she prayed at 4:00. That’s always funny. 

·       God is in the work my friends. In allllll the little things. Elder Del Papa is a new elder here in Oran - he got here 1 month ago. But it’s crazy because his grandparents live here in Argentina - about one hour from his area. And well, he had only met his grandparents like 2 times in all his life so God sent him here. He was able to spend some time with his grandpa and give him a priesthood blessing for health right before he passed away. But Elder Del Papa was able to go to his funeral and be a part of his life. I know that God knows everything and has a PERFECT plan for His imperfect children
·       Gabriela is progressing so well and brought 2 of her friends to church! love her so much and so excited for her big baptism day (should be next Saturday...keep her in your prayers) 
·       Patriarchal blessings are real and come from God - trust in them 
·       The spirit teaches, comforts, protects, guides, everything!!!!! This week, I had to say "see you later" to our great little group from Oran but I actually felt really comforted and full of hope through it all! So grateful for my Heavenly Father that has put so many amazing people in my life and really help me to live life to its FULLEST!!!! 

"Men are that they might have JOY" 

LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for everything! Shout out to my cousin Emily who is finished her honorable service this week and Abby who is beginning the best adventure of her life! Love you both! 

Hermana Mann

ahhh...what am I gonna do without her

asado for their last almuerzo

breakfast with the hermanas!!!

look at these cool flowers we found

Hermano Matias - real homie

hahahahahahaha elderes

love this district

la mision

love, love, love her


thanks for putting up with me :)))))

TZ aka bestie
Familia Alpides <3

Monday, June 18, 2018

Love Argentina


Wow. Let me just tell you all about the true joy I feel in my heart in this exact moment. I love Argentina. I love the people. I looooooove the culture. I love the food. I love soccer. I love the world cup. I don’t think I could be much happier than this.  I know this is the work of the Lord and that because it is HIS work, I have the great opportunity to feel a little of this joy. It’s incredible. If any of you are looking for a little happiness - please talk to the missionaries or go on a mission yourself. Life changing. 

·       Lady from the ward: "when are transfers?" Hermana Daldegan: "2 weeks" Lady: "Bueno, I’ll go to church in two weeks then" hahahahahahah 
·       We were teaching an hermana and her friends and in the middle of the lesson the lady says "yeah I’m Mormon" and Hermana Daldegan and I were like whaaaaaaaaaaat and then she says ... yeah I just can’t escape the mormons THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. hahah. That’s us. That’s what we do.
·       Maybe my companion taught me a dance from Brazil. Maybe not. IDK you’ll have to ask me later.
·       My companion thinks that tea is the answer to all our medical problems. But when an elder almost broke his knee she says "I don’t have any tea to fix that!" jajajaj love her

·       Damian prayed in front of the whole branch at church yesterday. He is so cute. He was practicing and everything
·       I loooove Presidente Cabana. He is the president of the branch and literally he is amazing. He is so young and served his mission in Buenos Aires and always reminds us how the mission changed his whole life. He works so much to help the branch and really puts God in the first place. Such a great example for me 
·       GABRIELA!!! We are teaching the sister in law of Presidente Cabana and she’s just the best. She always has mate ready for us when we get there when it’s really cold. And she’s reading her Book of Mormon and came to church and I can see in her eyes the change that God is making in her life. 
·       We had a conference with Elder Packer from the 70 and it was good. I believe in modern day revelation and the need to improve. He taught us a lot and left us with lots of challenges. 

This week I was reading in Mosiah and had a real humbling experience. That’s just what King Benjamin does for ya. But check this out

Mosiah 3:19  “For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, and unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.”

Love it. It is so clear that without Jesucristo, WE ARE NOTHING. Literally, we needed a Savior to save us from the natural man. So glad for this opportunity to learn more about HIM

So happy! Thanks for everything y’all do!  Have a great week! 

Come what may and love it 

Hermana Mann

Happy Birthday Ana Maria!!!!

look at my comp.  she's so cute!

call me Messi!

Stella!!! and TC

I like to call this "when your lunch gets cancelled on a Sunday and you don't have any food
so you just take everything out of the fridge and cook it together"

Valentina <3

Zona Oran!  love our little family!

I got a joke for you...

June 11, 2018

HOLA here we are on a Monday again. Don’t worry. 

(just a little update on my life is that all my missionary BFF’s are heading home in 2 weeks. and part of their departure, they have to fill out a packet of information called MYPLAN which helps them put goals for their future. and week 5 talks about dating and eternal marriage. all three of them have been looking forward to this week the whole transfer and it finally arrived. so basically - we are gonna have a great week and I am sooooooo excited!!!!!)

·       Elder Batman recently hit a new record of empanadas. HE ATE 24 CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? I can’t. And Hermana Daldegan can’t believe it either. She was trying to explain to me that 24 empanadas is a looooot and she was like "HERMANA! 24 EMANADAS THATS 2 DOZEN" and I just looked at her and said "muy bien" very sarcastically and yeah.  Now it’s the sarcastic joke of the group - muy bien
·       CTR - choose the right 
·       HLJ - haz tu lo justo or HAGAMOS LOMITOS JUNTOS. pls look up lomitos on google or something because it is an amazing sandwich that has changed my life. So gratefully that Hermana Daldegan introduced me to the better things of life. 
·       This joke is straight up Spanish and really Argentino so y’all probably won’t understand but it is so funny so I’m gonna say it anyway

cual es la diferencia entre una vaca y una argentino
uno da leche y el otro daleche 

Bueno....I guess I will stop laughing at my own jokes and talk about some 

·       Servicio!!!!!! We did some service with the hermanas in Tartagal and it was amazing. A family from the branch recently suffered from a fire and lost everything they had (which wasn’t a lot to start with) and the missionaries and all the branch came to the rescue. We rebuilt there house, cleaned the damage of the fire and tried to wash the few things that survived. I gave my scarf to the 5 year old boy who was shivering from the cold. Humbled myself a little and gave a long prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father that night. 
·       OHMYGOODNESS WE HAD AN BRANCH ACTIVITY and it was sooooooo fun! Everyone helped (thank goodness) and everyone brought their friends. And we played games and ate food and danced (well, I didn’t dance cause I’m a missionary but other people did) and it was so fun! And Presidente Cabana (branch president) loved the activity and it just couldn’t be any better!!!
·       I GOT A LETTER FROM MY BFF ASHTYN! I love it when the mail system works - that is a true miracle! Love you ash! 

Well fam and friends. Life is good. I am so happy. I feel so spoiled to have been blessed with so much support in my mission aka best experience of my life! Love you all and am always praying for every single one of you. 

Come what may and love it,

Hermana Mann

The activity planners (and soon to be wedding planners - they are, not me!)

The best almuerzo you can get here in Argentina - Asado


love these people