Monday, May 21, 2018


WOW. I love missionary work so much. We have had a few changes lately so let me tell y’all a little about my life....

·       Had to leave Manantial 2 :( really learned to love those people real quick but I know that God will take good care of them!!!! 
·       I am now here in Oran (back to Saltaaaaa:)) with HERMANA DALDEGAN - MY FIRST COMPANION THAT IS NOT FROM THE USA and she is the best. here are a few things I love about her
1. Her hair is so curly and so beautiful
2. She is your classic missionary that says hi to everyone in the streets and cheers on the kids playing soccer and plays with all the dogs
3. She teaches according to the spirit 
4. She loves chocolate milk like me
5. She’s not even trunky. She is in her last transfer but works like it’s her first! We are gonna see lots of miracles here!!!
·       I am here in ORAN and it is the best! It is a small branch of about 50 members that come every week but the support is incredible. The youth are so willing to help organize and clean and do whatever is good for them. Two of the youth this week received their mission calls!!!! I just feel so blessed and so happy to be in the work of the Lord and WE LIVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH - TM

That’s about all the changes! 

And sorry. My brain is a hot mess with all the changes this week so here is a mixture of milagros and chistosos of the week: 
·       We went to Salta for a meeting for all the leaders. Let me tell y’all. THE CHURCH IS TRUE because God sent Presidente Orquera here to guide the work and he is doing a great job! He is led by the spirit and wants the best for all the missionaries and members. Also I got to see my BFF Juampi (the son of Presidente Orquera) and some other great missionaries that I have come to love 
·       LOL so we have family home evening in the branch with all the ward every Sunday night - super fun! And last night we were taking a picture and Hermana Daldegan said she was gonna take it with flash and Matias says "will she be in the picture" THAT WAS AN INSULT BECAUSE I AM JUST SO WHITE. 
·       Today we played soccer and LATINOS TOLD ME THAT I PLAYED REALLY WELL. Yeah so watch out BYU women’s soccer. I’m coming for ya

Sorry this letter is kinda a hot mess but just know that I am HAPPY AND HEALTHY. 

Love you all! 

Come what may and love it

Hermana Mann 

LOOK AT HER!  We are known as the cool hair companionship

What a great group of hermanas

Juampi finally took a pic with me

new district

Monday, May 14, 2018




Quick highlights of the week
- Homemade pizza with the Familia Suarez
- Noelia’s baptism (especially when we lost power lol) 
- Lujan got confirmed! 

Anyways.... please pray for Noelia and enjoy these photos 


NOELIAAAAAAAAAAA  love her so much
just look at this happy clan

just some of my favorite people

zone conference

The lady who made the dresses....LILIANA

loooooooove her

when we went to La Reduccion at 7 in the morning to wake up our investigators

Happy Mother's Day to my mom from Tucuman



Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Let's talk about love


Please pray for us! We have transfers next week and we have no idea what is gonna happen. Also I am gonna try to eat 1 fruit and veggie every day. At least 


·       when a lady in church asks if she can bring mate and everyone is like ummmm duhhhhhhhhhh yeah you can
·       and when another lady says that she can sweep with one hand and drink mate with the other THESE PEOPLE ARE OBSESSED but i love it 
·       Lujan in her prayer.....thanks for my mom because she is skinny and pretty
·       6 little boys fighting over a chicken on a leash. that my friends was a sight to see
·       Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse. WE LOST POWER IN THE INTERNET CAFE so yeah...we don’t have much luck with the power

·       I don’t think I have told y’all about the house of prayer that they are making here in my area. Bueno, so my area is like 20 minutes (in bus) away from the chapel and lots of people can’t come to church because it is really expensive so they are building a small house to take the sacrament there and I am so excited! Hermana Williams and I did service there this week and we got to clean the roof! It’s a beautiful thing because these people just want to remember the promises they made with God and are making great sacrifices to do it! Makes my heart happy :)))
·       WE SAW A MIRACLE WITH JULIA AND FRANCO! So the other day we got a message from them saying that they didn’t want anything to do with us but then we visited them anyways and God was totally preparing them and now they are back on track for their wedding and baptism. Keep them in your prayers! 
·       After a rough Sunday, and I was a little discouraged, and it was dark and rainy, WE FOUND SOFIA and she is a beautiful daughter of god. She was so happy to see us and welcome us into her home! she is a new girl that we found and now is more free because she finished her classes and she has really great standards and she prayed and I just felt so blessed and really it was an answer to my prayers <3

Let’s talk about love...

Romans 8:37-39
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers nor things present, nor things to come,
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

ISNT THAT BEAUTIFUL???? It doesn’t matter what we do, God will always always always love us. Soooooooo no matter what happens in our lives we must always always always love HIM!!!!! So cool

Love you all! Thanks for everything!!! Have a super great week! Make good choices! 


hermana mann

Monday, April 30, 2018

who needs electricity anyway?

WE DON’T HAVE LIGHT and we haven’t had electricity for 3 days now...and we won’t get it again till Wednesday....things are going GREAT!!!!!!  Really it’s not that bad since we are outside all day anyway but when we have to study in the afternoon and it’s REALLY HOT and we don’t have air conditioning...that’s when it gets tough.  I was dripping sweat just reading the Book of Mormon.  And we don’t have hot water either.  So I took a cold dark shower Sunday morning before church.  We have the light of Christ but that doesn’t give us a warm shower.  I LOVE LIFE 

·       Liliana’s prayer "Bless that we don’t have transfer and that the girls can stay.  We are trying to take good care of them."  Everyone is praying for transfers. 
·       We were reviewing the questions for baptism for Lujan and we asked if she has repented and she said no.  And we were like ummm why not?  And she said, “I’m perfect! I don’t have to repent!” hahahaha love that girl
·       "Thanks for being self-sufficient hermanas" hahahaha diss on the elders
·       Shout out to all those missionaries that have air conditioned cars with Wi-Fi. Don’t mind us.  We will be riding an AIR CONDITIONED OMNIBUS LETS GOOOOOOOOO
·       Nancy luna read Alma 58 and liked it 

·       Priesthood power is real!!!!! (And good thing Mauro got the priesthood yesterday!!!)  But anyways, I have had a lot of stress lately and have been really anxious so I finally worked up the courage to ask for a priesthood blessing.  IT WAS AMAZING OKAY!!!!  I know that it was a blessing from my Father in heaven.  He reminded me to be patient and faithful and be HAPPYYYY!!!!!!  I felt so calm during the blessing and the most amazing part is that I still feel calm. Sometimes things don’t go as planned but I feel at peace with the will of God.  So happy!  And so grateful to have the power of God in its FULNESS on the earth today! 
·       Lujan is preparing for her baptism!  Keep her in your prayers this week so she has power against Satan!  She is so cute and so excited!!!! 
·       Conferencia de zona!  And it was soooooo good!  Presidente talked about our purpose as missionaries and that we have to be worthy all the time.  Worthy in our thoughts and in our actions.  I know that he is a man called of God to direct us in this part of the world so that we can bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men! 

I love the idea of GRACE! That by HIS GRACE we can do all things - even though we have a lot of weaknesses! 

Ether 12:26 “And when I had said this, the Lord spake unto me, saying:  Fools mock, but they shall mourn; and my grace is sufficient for the meek, that they shall take no advantage of your weakness;”

Love that. Even though sometimes people might make fun of us and our beliefs - God’s grace is sufficient for the meek! 


Love you all! Thanks for everything! 

hermana mann

Alice asked us to pick flowers with her


look at these two - fills my heart

in my natural habitat - Liliana's house

NOELIA - love her so so so so much

Monday, April 23, 2018

pray with one eye open

hahaha that is what we had to do when a lady tells us to be REAL careful because boys like to rob two gringas during nap ok....thank you but don’t worry mom! We are okay! And the most precious thing we had on us was our scriptures and chocolinas WITH A STICKER OF MESSI! THAT’S RIGHT! WE FINALLY FOUND MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyways....pretty great week here in Manantial! Hermana Williams and I are lovvvvving our time here and feel so so blessed!!!!

·       When an investigador asks us if we have bathed yet....and if not, we are not invited to his house....
·       When another investigador says "bad hair day no?" ok thanks
·       Liliana aka bff put a sticker of chocolate on her Libro de Mormon. Now she has her two favorite things - chocolate and the word of God
·       Our bff bus driver who always calls us beautiful (in English...we are his teachers I guess) STOPS THE BUS AND HONKS THREE TIMES TO SAY HI while we are contacting a lady. This is the life. 
·       Hermano Suarez aka godfather aka dad walks into relief society and says "Hermanas. Family home evening. My house. 8:00." haha ok 
·       Then we ate lunch with the Familia Suarez and we sang because they requested it and he took a video of the whooooooole thing. Ultimate facepalm 

·       As previously stated....we found messi!!!!!! Miracle!!!
·       on Thursday, we were walked and we were really hungry and we didn’t have a lot of money so we were praying for a food miracle when suddenly there was a man walking with facturas and I was just staring at them and he was like do you want one and I said I didn’t  have money so he gave us some for FREEEEEEEEEE -perks of being super white 
·       Lujan!!!! Lujan is the latest and greatest miracle we have found! She came to church on Sunday and we showed her the baptismal font and she is super excited for her baptism! Keep her in your prayers!!! 
·       Oh my. We cleaned the apartment. Like realllly good. And it is soooo clean and I am so happy. And we learned a little about the power of the Atonement. Yes - things that are real real real dirty CAN be white again! 
·       Mauro is gonna get the priesthood next week and I’m super happy about that!!!!
·       MISSION TILE - we went with our investigadores to get married....but they didn’t because they have to do a little more paperwork! Pray for Julia y Franco por favor!!!!! 

So I think I have found a scripture that pretty much sums up missionary work:

Moroni 8:3 “I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.”

This is how I feel for every single one of you. For every single one of the incredible people I have met her and I am just so happy and so blessed! Please know that you are always in my prayers! 

LOVE YOU LOTS!  Thanks for everything! 


Hermana Mann 

bien Tucumanas

THE Francito

Let's crash this apple stand

April 16, 2018

Wow. What a week we have had! 

·       I thought that lets crash this apple stand was a cool thing all the cool people say when they have to leave a party but Hermana Williams claims I’m crazy. IDK man. Pray for my swag.
·       We went to Salta this week to do some paperwork for Hermana Williams. Loovee Salta and so happy to see a temple there in the near future!!!

·       In a creepy remis with two other people and the young boy asks "are you coming to my house" and I was like....who are you. Turns out he is a member of the church hahahah
·       There was a fire protest in the main street and it really ruined our plan but all good. They just thought it would be fun to lite tires on fire and all that good stuff. 
·       A full grown man riding the bus by the strength of his arm.  He was just hanging out.
·       In almuerzo when the man starts talking about American politics and Hermana Williams gets really pumped and talks about how cool LBJ is.
·       Man in moped selling things for Virgin Mary says that H Williams glasses make her look really cute. 
·       Update on Franco Aguirre...he called us this week to tell us that he loved us. Love that dude 
·       Hermana Ward is my favorite. She is the lady who does all the paper work for the mission and doesn’t understand a lick of Spanish. She told us "I never know what anyone is saying" poor thing. Love her though!

·       OKAY SO WE ARE OFFICIALLY WEDDING PLANNERS AND WE CALLED A PRIVATE JUDGE IN SAN PABLO TO ORGANIZE A WEDDING AND HE GAVE US A DISCOUNT OF 1500 PESOS. MY FRIENDS GOD IS SO REAL AND HE LOVES US AND HE ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS. And also Julia and Franco should be married in the near future and then baptized so please pray for them! Hermana Williams and I were soooo soo sooo happy.  So we prayed a special prayer of gratitude! 
·       Two times this week people stopped us in the street and asked... are y’all Mormon? Please come to my house! That’s is such a miracle! God is leading and guiding us! 
·       Mauro is always a miracle! He has been coming to church every Sunday and still wants to serve a mission! So proud of him! 

Sorry.....not a lot of time and I don’t have pics either. Don’t hate me hahaha


Have a great week! Love y’all! 

Hermana Mann

Monday, April 9, 2018


“You only buy over priced Nutella in Argentina SOMETIMES!”  And those times are when life is just too good to be true. 

Literally we had such a great week! Heavenly Father is preparing lots and lots of miracles here and I am just so so sooooooo happy! Here is a little sneak peak of the week:

·       Francito Aguirre continues to be my favorite. This week in a lesson he was sitting on his brother’s lap and then kisses him on the cheek and whispers I love you in his ear. And I was like awwwwwwwww how cute. And then HE SPIT ON HIM. And that is just how Franco is. And I absolutely love him
·       I saw a man in a Nebraska t-shirt and I got really pumped and I wanted to contact him so I walked up to him and said "I like your shirt" and he says nothing....just grunts and keeps walking. WHERE IS YOUR CORNHUSKER SPIRIT????
·       *lady bearing hardcore testimony about the Book of Mormon. The spirit is strong and she is just going, going, going, going, going and then she stops....* “QUIEREN MATE?” hahahahaha. My companion yawned and I guess she thought we were tired (what, we are never ever ever tired. we are missionaries. We get 8 hours of sleep every night) and I just laughed and said no thank you 
·       We are officially the godchildren of the Familia Suarez. It’s really a blessing. 
·       When you go to your appointment, clap your hands and then notice that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are already there.....
·       When all the taxi drivers already know where you live but you ask them to drive around the whole town to look for churi pan 
·       When a shirtless contact help you knock a couple doors to find people to teach. How kind. 
·       When the bus driver was thirsty so he stops driving and asks one of us to run to a store and buy him something to drink. 
·       Studying in Grido. We peaked. 




·       It is a beautiful, beautiful thing when missionary work doesn’t seem like WORK but is actually something you looooooooooove to do. I have felt this way for a while but this week I realized what a blessing it is. I love everything about the mission. And I absolutely LOVE my area and everything about it - teaching my investigadores, serving the members, my companion, working with the elders. I am just so darn happy. 
·       TM (this is not a shout out to my brother Trace Mannewitz...sorry about it...) but Hermana Williams and I have started a new thing where we look for tender mercies all day and when we find one we yell TM! Some of the TM’s include (but are not limited to...
*when you show up at your apartment and the door is unlocked (not the door to OUR apartment but the door to the building)
*when a very nice hermano in the ward helps us with all our investigadores in the church
*when the bus comes in time and you don’t have to wait forever
Tender mercies are there my friends. Just look for them! 
·       Please pray for Noelia! I don’t know if I have met someone so prepared for the gospel! She came to church and cried three times. She loves the Book of Mormon and says her prayers every day! She has a couple of things to change before her baptism, but keep her in your prayers for strength against Satan! 
·       Testimony meeting in Argentina that was PERFECT for all our investigadores that came
·       Mauro cuz he is defending Joseph Smith against all our haters. 

Okay so maybe a few of you are wondering what I am doing in Argentina and why I am still here and let me just tell you why....

HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY FOREVER. So listen to the missionaries please. They have a message that will change your life. Whether or not you know it... you have been searching for this message ever since you left the presence of our Heavenly Father. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope, joy and peace in a world that needs it so much 

John 14:27  “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Love you all so much! Thanks for everything! 


Hermana Mann


Love this girl

All the fam <3