Monday, August 14, 2017

Fe Aful

Hola!  Como estan?  Life is going great here in South America.  Stay tuned for the latest Chistosos y Milagros in Limache!

·       At the end of one of our lessons with one of our new investigadores, she asked if we were Jehovah’s witnesses.
·       One stressful day I was crying and sitting on a bench in the park.  This week we found a new family to teach and the man said, “Oh, you’re the girl who was crying in the park.”  lol  Yup, that was me.
·       At lunch one day I was talked to Benjamin – a cute little boy who has 4 years.  I asked him if he had lots of amigos in school and he said, “Yes, and amigas too!”  (amigos = boy friends, amigas = girl friends)
·       I think we found a drunk dog.  If it wasn’t drunk it has some problems.  The dog was walking all weird and barked very strangely.  Then it peed which was hilarious.  Hna Adams and I were staring and laughing for a solid 2 minutes.
·       We clapped at a door and a little girl answer the door.  So we asked if her mom was home.  She told us that she was in the bathroom.  So we said we would wait.  She ran to tell her mom and then came back and said it was going to take an hour.  Guess her mom’s stomach has difficulties with the food like mine does.  Haha
·       One lady described another lady like this – “She’s huge and ugly and her face is like this (ugly face).  But the only thing more ugly than her face is her personality.”  WOW  I wonder what she says about me behind my back.

·       Clara got married!  Finally!  Her wedding was Saturday night and sadly we couldn’t go but we heard it was beautiful.  Now we are focusing on her baptism.  Keep her in your prayers that everything will go well!
·       We had splits with the Hermana Capas this week and I stayed here in Limache with Hermana Oliveira.  This was the first night that I was with a Latina which is crazy considering I’ve been in South America the past couple of months.  But Hermana Oliveira is too cool.  She is so happy and has a true love for missionary work.  She got baptized only 2 years ago and now is helping others receive the blessings of baptism.  Such a good example to me!
·       This week we had a tormenta blanca (white storm) here in Limache which means all the missionaries come to our area and we worked really hard to find new people.  We also had some members from our ward helping us which was so helpful.  We worked really hard and in 2 hours found 6 new investigators.  Afterwards we went to the house of Obispo and ate pizza and lemon pie.  I am so thankful for our bishop and his family.  They are always so ready to help us in the work of the Lord in whatever way they can.  And they are so patient with me because I am still learning Spanish.  So much to be grateful for!
·       Our other super awesome investigator – Guadalupe is doing great but we need a lot of prayers!  She has so many desires to be baptized.  She wants to go to the temple, and she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day.  But she is in college and gonna start classes this weekend and only studies on Saturday and Sunday so she won’t be able to attend church.  Keep her in your prayers, and us to so we can know how we can best help this daughter of God. 
·       My favorite cookies were on sale for only 7 pesos!  Oferta!

We are finishing up our family Book of Mormon challenge for the summer and so I was reading about faith in Ether 12.  As we develop greater faith and trust in the Lord, we can access His power to bless and deliver us.  But sometimes we must act blindly.  But we read in Ether 12:6

“And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.”

First, we must act and show God that we trust in Him.  We can trust that He will help us.  Not necessarily in the way we want but in the way that will best help us grow.  I know that submitting our will to His may be difficult, but it is essential to becoming like Him and finding the peace He offers.  Find hope in prayer.  Find hope in reading the scriptures.  Find hope in temple covenants.  I know that we are children of our Heavenly Father.  That he knows us perfectly and loves us perfectly.  I’m so grateful for the hope I find in the gospel of Jesus Christ and specifically in His Atonement.


Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support!

♥ Hermana Mannewitz

Hermana Oliveira

Correa chicas


the fanciest restaurant I've seen

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Dogs are Mormon

Hola!  Happy August!  All my homies in the United States are getting ready to start school while all my Argentine homies are finishing up school.  How crazy!


·       When you learn a new language, you make a lot of mistakes.  The other day I was explaining a picture to one of our investigators.  I was trying to explain that we are like a little lamb in the arms of the Savior, but I accidentally said “little fatty”.  Little fatty in the arms of the Savior!
·       After clapping at a door, we heard someone say Hola, but we didn’t see anyone.  I assumed they were talking form a window so I responded.  They responded.  I explained that we were missionaries and then suddenly I realized I was talking to a parrot!  A BIRD!  I was talking to a bird.
·       In the middle of a lesson, the mother of one of our investigators came out of the bathroom and said, “Sorry, I was hiding.”
·       My tortilla homie gave me a tortilla for free!!!  She said I’m too skinny so she trying to fatten me up.  Lol  Tell that to the scale.


·       We had zone conference this week which is my favorite.  I always feel so pumped for missionary work and baptisms and teaching and life as a missionary.  This conference we talked a lot about how we can help our investigators get to church which is something we really need help with.  Since no one has cars.  And church is pretty early.  Church is pretty hard for people in Argentina.  But with all the new things we have learned, I have a lot of faith that we will see success.
·       Hermana Adams made peanut butter that was so yummy.  Yeah it was because we already ate all of it.  Haha
·       Clara, one of our super awesome investigators has her wedding this Saturday, so keep her in your prayers!  We are so excited!
·       Guadalupe, another awesome investigator is progressing so well.  She came to church yesterday in a skirt.  She has so many desires to be baptized and help her children have the gospel and to learn and grow.  But keep her in your prayers because she has some personal difficulties that keep her from baptism.  But I know that baptism will really bless her life.  I really love Guadalupe and desire the best for her!
·       In fast and testimony meeting yesterday, Lucia, that only has 11 years, bore her testimony on the power of prayer.  She reminded us that we can always pray, especially in times of trial, to receive strength from our Heavenly Father.

This week I was reading in 3 Nephi when our resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ, visited the Americas.  I love to read the way Jesus Christ expressed His love to the Nephites and the love that the Nephites had for Jesus.  I especially love verse 21:

3 Nephi 17:21
And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them.

I know I already mentioned my love for this verse, but as I read it again this week, it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of His children perfectly and infinitely.  I know that He wants us to be happy and feel His love.  I know that we can feel His love more in our lives when we keep the commandments and do the simple things everyday (pray, read the scriptures, etc.)  I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve a mission and spread this love.

Have a great week!
Hoy es el dia!!

♥Hermana Mannewitz

Zone Conference
Our District
After an intense competition of who knows preach my gospel we won kit kats!!
I'm about to DIVE in

Los Atalayas

our district...again

Friday, August 4, 2017

Maria Emilia

Hola! What a crazy week we had. We worked so hard, laughed, cried, and witnessed so many miracles. Missions are seriously the best and I wouldn’t change this experience for anything!

The highlight of my week was the baptism of Maria Emilia! We witnessed so many miracles as we prepared for her big day:

·       Her whole family came! Her family is less active so we have been working with the whole family. We were worried they wouldn’t come to support but they did! Now we are working with the whole fam to help them return to church.
·       La tunica! Our ward has one baptismal dress but it was nowhere to be found. As of Friday night, we did not have anything for Maria Emilia. But late Friday night we got a call from our ward mission leader saying that we finally had clothes- and they fit Maria Emilia perfectly
·       It is always risky to pray for warm water since we are in Argentina but the water was warm!
·       The member support was great! Several families were able to attend and support Maria Emilia! And they all brought food J
·       Maria Emilia was so nervous about everything but when she saw how happy everyone was for her, she knew everything was going to be okay! It was truly a great baptismal service and the spirit was so strong! And to watch one of our investigators who I have really come to love enter the waters of baptism makes all the rejection worth it. I know that baptism opens the door of salvation and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help so many people here in Argentina.
But we still have a good time…

·       “So is Rosanna your friend?” “no… neighbor, and neighbor only” oh jajaja
·       A dog almost attacked us so now I have a pretty big bruise on my arm - battle scars of the mission
·       This is more embarrassing than funny but I had sweat stains on one of my shirts this week. Now I know that I have to be careful with that shirt.
·       One elder in our district is from Brazil and is so sassy but there is no translation of the word so I taught him the word sassy. Basically an English teacher and missionary duo.
·       One member of our ward speaks English really well and pretty much without an accent. The other day at lunch he taught us that chamar means to make out. Haha thanks Elias!

·       We didn’t get that lost this week!
·       My Spanish has really sky-rocketed this week since I am the only person who knows our area, the members, our investigators and their needs. I have had the opportunity to talk more and more. Bueno, I am not fluent yet but I am learning a lot faster. One member told me: “give it a month and you’ll be fluent!” Still have a lot to work on but it is getting better and better.
·       WOW! Let me tell you, the power of prayer is so real. One day this week I was feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I have as a missionary. The only thing I could do was pray, but I’m so grateful that resource is available to us at any time, any day. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know that he is always ready to help us and bless with the things that we need to press forward.
·       The Familia Caceres is always a miracle but this week they specifically saved lemon pie and apple pie for us because they knew we were going to want food. They know us too well.
·       Hermana Adams, another companion from the United States is a miracle. I have learned so much from her already.

This week I was thinking and reading a lot about joy. In the Book of Mormon we read…

2 Nephi 2:25
Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

Our purpose in this life is to have joy. I know that we can find joy in lots of things - Rollercoasters, buffalo wild wings, movies, etc. But the real joy I feel comes from my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ – the fact that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father, that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and that I can be with my family for eternity. However, even with this knowledge, life is still hard but I love the counsel of Dieter F. Uchtdorf that we must never forget to be happy now. He says “The happiest people I know are those who, while in the pursuit of worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments.” He continues to explain that as we are grateful for the tender mercies we receive everyday of our lives, we will have true joy. I know that Heavenly Father desires our happiness – that’s why we are here on earth!!

Be Happy!
Hoy es el dia

♥Hermana Mannewitz 

Maria Emilia

Obispo with Maria Emilia

with Obispo

Familia Puca

Ward Fam

Mateo and his cool CTR rings

Monday, July 24, 2017


Hola!  Hermana Mannewitz reporting for duty as a fully trained missionary.  Even though I am far from fluent in Spanish, my training is finished and now I am even more prepared to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

Bueno!  BIG NEWS!  Transfers!  Hermana Norman has left to be a Hermana Leader in Santiago and my new companion is Hermana Adams from Alaska, USA!  I am seriously a mixture of emotions.  I am super sad to leave Hermana Norman, super nervous because I’m the only one who knows my area and super excited to work so hard with Hermana Adams!  I have no doubt that Hermana Norman is going to be the best leader!  I have learned so much from her the past 3 months!   I sure have a lot to live up to.

Keep the prayers coming for our dear investigator Maria Emilia.  We have seen so many miracles in her progression!  Her mom is not super supportive in her decision to be baptized and since Maria Emilia is only 14 years old, we were really worried she wouldn’t sign.  Last Friday night we talked to the mom and lost a lot of hope!  She was very short-tempered and direct.  However, last Sunday, we put all of our faith in the Lord and fasted that everything would turn out okay.  After completing our fast and with a lot of faith, we stopped by their house on Sunday night and THE MOM SIGNED!  Hermana Norman and I were skipping in the street because we were so happy!  I know that with the help of the Lord, our sacrifices make a difference.  I know that Heavenly Father is aware of our righteous desires!

Sorry!  It’s transfers day so I don’t have a lot of time and I have a lot on my mind but I do want to share my favorite scripture from this week!

Alma 5:26  And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?

I love this scripture because it explains that even if we have a testimony of the gospel, we 
can and must always look for more ways to strengthen our testimony.  It explains later in the chapter that we might have to lay aside the things of the world to more fully understand the power of the Atonement in our lives!


Ward activity - movie night

Sassy Valentina

your favorite minions - still not sure why they wanted us to wear these hats

Martin aka bff

Ciao Hermana Norman!  luv u

Hermana Adams - my new companion
HOY ES EL DIA!              

♥ Hermana Mannewitz

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's all fun and games until you are showering in the dark

July 17, 2017

We all have the gift of agency, but showering in the dark was not my choice.  Remember the other week when I said we haven’t paid our bills since January?  Yeah, well they finally cut the power on us.  Anyways, this email is going to me mumbled jumbled because so many things happened.  Get pumped.  Here is one week in the life of Hermana Mannewitz.

·       So on Tuesday morning, we were doing the norm – exercising, eat breakfast, showering and getting ready for the day – when suddenly we lost power.  I was in the shower when the power went out but I tried to stay calm.  So I didn’t scream.  I safely got myself in a towel.  We were trying to figure out what happened but we had no idea.  So we finished getting ready in the dark, planning in the dark, all things missionary in the dark.  We finally decided to call the mission finance elder and he told us they lost our bills so they couldn’t pay them.  How cool J.  So we ate ice cream for breakfast (because it was gonna melt of course) and then left to work hoping we would have power that night.  Well, we didn’t so we continued our routine in the dark and without music.  Luckily, the following afternoon we finally got our power back!
·       My arm did this really cool thing this week and was numb for about 4 days.  Hermana Norman insisted that we go to the doctor but I really didn’t want to go to a crazy doctor in Argentina so I said no way!  But no worries – I have sufficient feeling in my arm now!
·       “Manuel, do you want to follow Jesus Christ?”   “Ummm, idk.”  “You aren’t sure if you want to follow Jesus Christ?  Who do you want to follow???”
·       (Ward council – end of meeting)  “Alright, how are we gonna leave this meeting?”  (random member) “With hunger!”
·       This week during weekly planning, the Hermana leaders came to verify our planning.  It was supposed to be a surprise, but Hermana Norman saw in their planner that they were coming so we were on our best behavior and they told us that we planned perfectly!  We are perfect!!  And humble too…
·       We met our new mission president!!  President and Hermana Orquera are super great.  They bring a new enthusiasm for the work and are truly focused on our purpose as a missionary – BAPTIZE!  Now we have a mission motto – “AMB” – actitud mental bautizadora (baptizing mental attitude).   But really, I already love President and Hermana Orquera and their 6 year-old son Jaimpe (?).  I know that President Orquera has been called by a prophet of God to direct the work here in Salta.  We are going to see lots of miracles as we work together.
·       This week Herman Norman and I got to watch “17 Miracles”.  I have seen the movie but have a new appreciation for the pioneers – how their journey was not easy but they put their trust in our Savior Jesus Christ and pressed forward.  At one point in the movie, an elderly woman said that whenever she feels discouraged and wants to quit, she offers a prayer of gratitude for all the miracles they have witnessed instead.  That was just what I needed!  Sometimes the mission is really hard.  I never want to quit, but it does get discouraging.  However, I love her perspective. In these times, I need to offer a prayer of gratitude – thanking my Heavenly Father for all the many blessings I have.
·       Alright prayer warriors – we need some prayers.  Our super awesome investigator, Maria Emilia is strengthening her testimony and preparing for baptism which means Satan is going to tempt her extra hard.  Pray for her strength!!
·       Last p-day we went to this breakfast buffet and Hermana Norman and I were the first ones there so we hurried and ate a plate of food, then hid it before our district showed up.  When our district showed up we were super casually reading our scriptures and drinking hot chocolate.  Haha. They have no idea.
·       Hermana Norman talking to a single, 24 year old boy:  “Is it hard to find someone to marry in Salta?”

If my personal study had a name it would be called “Lost in Mosiah 2” There are too many blessings that I read the chapter many times to find all the things I can improve.  But the last verse really stuck out to me:
Mosiah 2:41  “And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God.  For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness.  O remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.”
Three things really stuck out to me in this one verse.  1) As we obey the commandments, we will be blessed both temporally and spiritually.  I know this is true because I have seen it bless my life and the lives of the people here in Argentina.  2) We have to be faithful to the end!  I think that is one of the most difficult parts.  3) Enter into a state of never-ending happiness!  WOW!  I can’t even imagine what a state of never-ending happiness is but I think I am getting a little taste of it here in the mission!  I know this to be true – that as we are obedient and try our best, Heavenly Father will cover the rest!

Bueno, can’t believe this is my last week of training with Hermana Norman.  We set goals to sing more, eat more empanadas, work so hard, and enjoy our last week together!
Hoy es el dia!
Con amor,

Hermana Mannewitz

Our ice cream was gonna melt so we ate it for breakfast!
no power....still smiling
Hermana Castro-Orosco
The biggest avocado I've ever seen in my life
The most famous cookies here - sugar cookies with dulce de leche and coconut
Tacos with Familia Caceres
Hermana Urena is heading home
Hermana Norman and I
wife us.  we made whipped cream
bumper cars!!!
pure joy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

God Bless America! And Argentina Too!

Aloha!  Did you think I was in Hawaii for a split second?  Well, I’m not, I’m in ARGENTINA BABY!  Jajaja I hope you all had a super fun and super safe 4th of July.  Hermana Norman and I sang as many American songs in the street that we could remember – so look out for us at the next Super Bowl.  We have our national anthem perfected.  But yesterday was Independence Day for Argentina, so we are celebrating freedom all around the world. 

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for… (drum roll by my super awesome brothers)… CHISTOSOS:
·       I think I am finally a real missionary now because I was sleep praying.  Not sleep walking or sleep talking, but sleep praying.  I woke up at 2:03 am on my knees but Hermana Norman said Amen so I guess we are super united.
·       Mateo, our recent convert, got his tablet taken away because he was spending too much time on his tablet and too little time with his family.  His excuse, “But I can hang out with my family when my tablet’s charging.”
·       Hermana Norman AKA Expert Knee Judge was honest with me and evaluated my knees on a scale of 1-10 (10 being super ugly)…my knees are a solid 4!  Wahoo!  She says her knees are a 12 but I don’t know because she won’t let me see her knees. 
·       It was super nice the other day so I finally got to wear a short sleeve shirt.  Well, my poor arms are originally white and they haven’t seen the sun for quite some time, so now they are super white.  We were at lunch with a family from our ward and the 7 year-old girl touched my arm, (to make sure it was real) and with big eyes said, “Rey blanca!”  Very white!

Comedian Kelly out **drops mic**

·       One family was preparing a big warm drink for us and they couldn’t find the malta so we got chocolate milk!
·       A newlywed couple recently moved into our ward and wow!  God knew I needed Hermana in my life. Hermana Schraifer is a recent convert – has only been a member a little over a year – but has such a strong testimony of the doctrines of the gospel.  Last Sunday, during fast and testimony meeting, she bore her testimony on the importance of missionary work.  It was truly an answer to my prayers.  Later in the week, we passed by her house to thank her for her testimony and she explained that the Holy Ghost had given her a prompting to bear her testimony specifically on missionary work.  What courage!  A recent convert who is so aware of the promptings of the Spirit but also courageous to follow the prompting. 
·       Hermana Norman and I went to the hospital last night to visit Nelida.  After visiting Nelida, we had a little bit of extra time so we decided to sing hymns for other patients in the hospital.  Singing hymns is one of the quickest ways to feel the Spirit so it was so cool to watch the patients lighten up.  Even though some patients were unconscious, I know that the Spirit was in the room and touched their heart.
·       We have a super awesome progressing investigator named Maria Emilia.  She is 14 years old and loves participating in Young Women’s.  The other day we had a lesson with her so in my language study I was practicing the lesson so I could speak Spanish well enough for her to understand.  I had my half of the lesson prepared pretty confidently but when we were in the lesson, Hermana Norman took my half of the lesson – the half I had practiced so hard.  I was a little worried because I really wanted Maria Emilia to understand but I didn’t feel as confident.  However, I know that the Lord blesses us for our efforts.  Although I hadn’t practiced this part of the lesson, I was blessed with the gift of tongues and was able to teach the lesson according to the promptings of the Spirit.  I am so thankful for the gift of tongues because I know I can’t do this work on my own. 

Scripture of the week:
I was reading in Mosiah this week about how we can overcome our own personal trials.
Mosiah 24:14-15
“And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.
“And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.”

WOW!  How powerful!  However, many of us may assume this scripture is suggesting that a burden suddenly and permanently will be taken away.  However, in verse 15 we see how the burden was eased… “The Lord did strengthen them.” 

The challenges and difficulties were not immediately removed from the people.  But Alma and his followers were strengthened and their increased capabilities made the burdens lighter.  These good people were empowered by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I can testify of the truthfulness of this doctrine.  I know that through the Atonement we are able to do good and become better in ways that stretch beyond our mortal abilities.  I have found so much strength in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I know the Atonement brings a remission of our sins, but also brings hope, love and strength.

Special shout out to my dad – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!  Eat some apple pie for me J

Love you all!  Have a great week!

♥ Hermana Mannewitz

Happy 4th of July

Our only thing close to a firework

Patriotic slide in Argentina
Argentina's Independence Day
Argentine art haha

Beautiful sunset

Juanita - the only person who participated in "give your friend chocolate" week
District breakfast

Breakfast selfie