Monday, April 9, 2018


“You only buy over priced Nutella in Argentina SOMETIMES!”  And those times are when life is just too good to be true. 

Literally we had such a great week! Heavenly Father is preparing lots and lots of miracles here and I am just so so sooooooo happy! Here is a little sneak peak of the week:

·       Francito Aguirre continues to be my favorite. This week in a lesson he was sitting on his brother’s lap and then kisses him on the cheek and whispers I love you in his ear. And I was like awwwwwwwww how cute. And then HE SPIT ON HIM. And that is just how Franco is. And I absolutely love him
·       I saw a man in a Nebraska t-shirt and I got really pumped and I wanted to contact him so I walked up to him and said "I like your shirt" and he says nothing....just grunts and keeps walking. WHERE IS YOUR CORNHUSKER SPIRIT????
·       *lady bearing hardcore testimony about the Book of Mormon. The spirit is strong and she is just going, going, going, going, going and then she stops....* “QUIEREN MATE?” hahahahaha. My companion yawned and I guess she thought we were tired (what, we are never ever ever tired. we are missionaries. We get 8 hours of sleep every night) and I just laughed and said no thank you 
·       We are officially the godchildren of the Familia Suarez. It’s really a blessing. 
·       When you go to your appointment, clap your hands and then notice that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are already there.....
·       When all the taxi drivers already know where you live but you ask them to drive around the whole town to look for churi pan 
·       When a shirtless contact help you knock a couple doors to find people to teach. How kind. 
·       When the bus driver was thirsty so he stops driving and asks one of us to run to a store and buy him something to drink. 
·       Studying in Grido. We peaked. 




·       It is a beautiful, beautiful thing when missionary work doesn’t seem like WORK but is actually something you looooooooooove to do. I have felt this way for a while but this week I realized what a blessing it is. I love everything about the mission. And I absolutely LOVE my area and everything about it - teaching my investigadores, serving the members, my companion, working with the elders. I am just so darn happy. 
·       TM (this is not a shout out to my brother Trace Mannewitz...sorry about it...) but Hermana Williams and I have started a new thing where we look for tender mercies all day and when we find one we yell TM! Some of the TM’s include (but are not limited to...
*when you show up at your apartment and the door is unlocked (not the door to OUR apartment but the door to the building)
*when a very nice hermano in the ward helps us with all our investigadores in the church
*when the bus comes in time and you don’t have to wait forever
Tender mercies are there my friends. Just look for them! 
·       Please pray for Noelia! I don’t know if I have met someone so prepared for the gospel! She came to church and cried three times. She loves the Book of Mormon and says her prayers every day! She has a couple of things to change before her baptism, but keep her in your prayers for strength against Satan! 
·       Testimony meeting in Argentina that was PERFECT for all our investigadores that came
·       Mauro cuz he is defending Joseph Smith against all our haters. 

Okay so maybe a few of you are wondering what I am doing in Argentina and why I am still here and let me just tell you why....

HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY FOREVER. So listen to the missionaries please. They have a message that will change your life. Whether or not you know it... you have been searching for this message ever since you left the presence of our Heavenly Father. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope, joy and peace in a world that needs it so much 

John 14:27  “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Love you all so much! Thanks for everything! 


Hermana Mann


Love this girl

All the fam <3

Monday, April 2, 2018

Pictures from people in Tucuman



So now I want to share about the spiritual experience I had when they announced the temple here where my heart is....

So I started my mission in Salta and had the great opportunity to be there for almost 11 months. I loooove Salta and absolutely love the people. They are so friendly and full of charity and just accept me like their own children. They have such great faith and make real big, true sacrifices to show their love to God. In Guemes, the temple trip they were planning turned into a rollercoaster ride. They didn’t have enough money and the bus was too small and they had to sell a lot of bread and get days of work - something that we normally don’t have to worry about. Anyways, I have seen so many sacrifices they make so they can keep the commandments and attend the temple. Here in Manantial, the temple is a little closer but still - an 8 hour bus ride. And yesterday we watched General Conference with the Familia Suarez, maybe one of my favorite families in the whole ward. The Suarez family are true and faithful members and have had their fair share of trials. Recently they were planning a trip to the temple but for family difficulties were not able to go. When Presidente Nelson was announcing the temples, the room was silent. Then when he said that there would be a temple here in SALTA  ARGENTINA the spirit hit us all soooo hard. We were all in tears. And that doesn’t mean that if you are crying you feel the spirit. But it was just so powerful. I think that was the first moment I have happy cried.  I am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve and share the true joy I have because I am a member of the church. I know that this temple will change sooooooooooooo many lives - as it has changed my own. I know this is the Lord’s church that He is LEADING US through a modern prophet. I am just so so so happy. 

So that was def the highlight of my week but we had other great moments too! Like when.... 
-       Hermano Suarez made us "brownies"
-       The bus guy let us ride for free
-       We made banana pancakes
-       One day we ate lunch with the Familia Aslan with REAL pasta sauce 
-       We ate humita!!!! Look it up on google or is a corn soup! Super yummy! 
-       Evvvvveeeeerrryyyyyttthhhhhhiiiinnnng was closed on Friday for Good Friday because here everyone thinks that because Jesus died, Satan has a "free day" so everyone is super scared and hides in their house all day
-       When members drove us home in their car
-       Watching general conference in English with all the gringos

Kinda crazy letter but know that I am HAPPY and GRATEFUL and I hope you all are too! Have a super great week! 


Hermana Mann 


the most expensive and most delicious waffles

Familia Suarez - waffle selfie

my favorite - Hermano Suarez

call us pros

trophy wife (they are not pancakes - they are tombs)


Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Holllaaaaaaaaaa! What a great week we had! I am just SO HAPPY to be a missionary. It is the best time of my life.

·       Oh my goodness. I almost died in a lesson the other day. So we were having this great lesson with a couple that needs to get married. They have 5 kids and their youngest son, Franco, has 9 years and has lots of learning difficulties. So we are in the lesson and it’s like the most spiritual part. The spirit is so strong and we are just testifying about Jesus Cristo aful. Then all of a sudden we hear their dog barking like crazy and freaking out. So we look over and FRANCO HAD PUT THE DOG IN A PLASTIC BAG and the dog was about to suffocate so the mom freaked out and ran over to save it hahahahahahahahahahaha. Then they told us that this would not have been the first animal he has killed. They have an animal cemetery in the backyard! haha

·       Idk if I have told y’all about Liliana (picture attached) but she is like my favorite lady ever. She was baptized about a month ago and we had lunch with her the other day and she made empanadas - my fav. Then she told us that there were two surprise empanadas so we had to find them. So H Williams and I were looked and everything and we finally found them but all they had was a little bit of cheese. It was basically air. Liliana thought it was the funniest thing ever and started laughing and she does that one laugh where you forget to breathe. Love her so much

·       Our mission leader here in Manantial is named Leo and so now every time I see him I put a giant L on my forehead (like the loser sign) and yell LEADER LEO. He thinks it’s the best because he loves the attention. Plus he bought us ice cream for our 


·       That’s right. We had a baptism!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Mauro got baptized and it was the best thing ever. He was so so so excited and his mom is Liliana and she gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. And then on Sunday he showed up late to church because public transportation chupa. BUT HE CAME and then he got the Holy Ghost and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Then in our class, we were talking about his baptism and everything and we were like what do you want to do now Mauro? And he said he wants to GO ON A MISSION! THAT IS MUSIC TO MY EARS FRIENDS. I am so happy! He already has 22 years so now he just has to wait a year and then go and serve the Lord! 

·       I found a picture of my cousin in the church magazine. That was a miracle. Love you Abby. Can I have your signature?

·       I GOT A LETTER FROM THAILAND. I feel so spoiled. Idk how I keep receiving so much support. I feel so blessed. 
·       Interviews with Presidente this week! He wasn’t even that behind schedule so yay! But I really know that he is a man called from God to lead the work. So grateful for him! 

LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE ABOUT OUR INVESTIGADORES JULIA Y FRANCO. When people just show up to church because they feel like it, that is a great sign of golden investigadores. We have been teaching Julia and Franco for like a week now and they are so excited to be baptized and they have so many good desires - like they are already reading the Book of Mormon every day! So grateful for them! Keep them in your prayers! 

And EASTER is this week! wooohoo!  And general conference! 

But I know that my Savior lives and that He loves each and every one of us. Here is some proof. This is a scripture when Jesus Christ came to visit the Americas after his resurrection 

3  Nefi 11:14  Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet, that ye may know that I am the God of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and have been slain for the sins of the world.”

Jesus Christ invites to gain our own testimony. He invites us to COME UNTO HIM and to PARTICIPATE OF HIS LOVE! I have felt His love so much in the mission and am so happy to be one of His servants 

Love you all! 


hermana mann

Familia Erasmo



lider leo!!!!!

Liliana aka bff

MAURO (he kinda looks like donkey kong right?)

surprise empanadas

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Anniversary

Hello family and friends! We had a super crazy week but I absolutely loved it. God is so good and I absolutely love the mission. 

We are gonna throw it back to ONE YEAR AGO when I came on the mission and all my letters were so organized and I was all spiritual and all that jazz. (But really, can’t believe that it has been almost a year. do y’all miss me yet?) 


·       So I have a little book that I call my smile book because there are so many reasons to smile but at the same time, life is hard. So I always right down the things that make me smile to help remind me of the countless blessings God gives me every day. Here are the latest entries in my smile book:
·       (Hermana Williams and I were explaining that training is like your life. And week 5 is like having 7 or 8 years) HW: so basically you are my mom and you come to school to eat lunch with me and all my friends think you’re cool
·       When someone doesn’t come to church because they are making lunch for you. Face palm so hard. Thank you but ummm...your salvation
·       Mauro, one of our faithful investigadores had a shirt that said I would cuddle you so hard. He don’t speak English and has no idea what it means but H Williams and I were dying. 
·       H Williams: Why am I fea and untalented. I just want to be a cougarette.
·       Bombas de papa con arroz. CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS
·       I freakin’ hate Satan.....H Williams and I are not gonna let Satan win. He has nothing on us.
·       Nadia, the wife of a member that goes to church and pays her tithing but is not baptized. We were explaining that in the ward conference we were gonna do a lot of sustainings and she says "I’m gonna be baptized today so I can reject everything tomorrow" lol alright.
·       (Sharing a scripture in lunch. The dude is already reading it and it’s a scripture a little weird) H Williams: this is NOT what I wanted to share. Spanish man. It’s hard.


But yeah....MILAGROS too
·       So we aren’t that lost anymore but sometimes we just look really lost. haha But last night we were looking for a family and we had the address to their house so we were walking casually down the street when suddenly three young kids started yelling at us "are y’all missionaries???" Hermana Williams and I were like ummmm yeah. So we turned around and walked to their house and it turns out that the mom is a member and lots of her kids are not members and they want to return to church so they were so happy to see us! I know that God is leading us in every part of this work!  He placed us in that street, a little lost, at just the right moment to find them! 
·       So on Saturday and Sunday we didn’t have any more food in the apartment and we didn’t have any money to buy more food. So I was secretly praying that someone would give us food AND THEY DID. The members take so good care of us and gave us bombas de papa, popcorn, candy, bananas, all kinds of good stuff. God really does listen to all the desires of our heart. 
·       We had a GREAT lesson with the familia Aguirre. They need to get married in order to be baptized and we talked a lot about the plan of God. And then we talked about how Satan wants us to be miserable. Then idk what happen but I went on a huge rant about Satan and that we can NOT let him win! You have got to pray. You have got to read your scriptures. And you need to go to church. Don’t let Satan make you miserable! 
·       La familia Aslan is always a miracle because if lunch falls through, we can always go to their house and they always have milanessa ready to favorite. 
·       EL MILAGRO DE TODOS LOS MILAGROS! So yesterday in church a young family that I didn’t know just showed up and I was like. Umm hello who are you (and bueno, I have done that a lot but this time I knew they were new) and they said that they had come to the church a couple years ago one time and they really liked what they felt. So they came back and want to be BAPTIZED YAYYYYYY I love it when God just places the miracles on a special plate all ready to eat. Ahhhhh I’m just so happy! 

Let me tell y’all a little something about grace. Wait....God is gonna tell y’all a little about grace 

2 Nefi 25:23  “For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.”

I absolutely love this scripture and the doctrine of grace. But I am a firm believer that we are not only saved AFTER all we can do but WHILE WE DO IT too!  God isn’t just waiting at the finish line...He is with us every step of the way. And we are not only saved by grace but CHANGED. A change in our heart that makes us a better person and a better disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Love you all! Thanks for everything! 


H Mann

Got to go find the best ice cream in Tucumán. We are on a search...tbc

Is this the most awkward photo ever or what?

mother daughter <3

sneak peek....

Monday, March 12, 2018

bruised knees

That’s right. Call me a real missionary because this week my knees where bruised (and I’m pretty sure it’s from doing too many lazy pushups but I like to think it is because I am praying so much lol)

·       Getting to know the ward is still a struggle. For the second time this Sunday this is what has gone down:
Lady:  "hi Hermanas"
Me: " hi what’s your name"
Her: "you came to my house"
Me: "Ummmmm....yeah sorry about that but still don’t know your name" 

·       Have I mentioned how much I love Hermana Williams....well I love her a lot and am so grateful for her! God is directing this work! 

·       DANIELA! Please pray for my dear friend Daniela. She has 11 years and really wants to be baptized but is so shy and change is hard but pray for her! She is so cute and has the sweetest smile. Love her with all my heart. 

·       Capilla abierta wasn’t that bad! Like people actually came YAY! it was really fun walking in the heat (like 130 degrees I heard) at 3:00 in the afternoon to find people to come and see the church! But it was super fun because God just helps us so much and I feel so spoiled! 

·       Let me tell you a little bit about the Familia Aguirre. So basically they are investigadores that have to get married so they can be baptized but they are so nice and they gave us two huge bags of food for the week. Which was really a blessing because we had zero food. Wow. Such a blessings. les amo

·       So the Pepsi factory is here in my area so H. Williams and I are trying to get a quick tour of that place! Pray for us lol! 

That's all that came through this week.  Thanks for all of your prayers, love, and support.  But we did get pictures!!!

wow.  miss my homie H West

mis hermanos de la mision . . . too bad we can't hug lol

obispo and his wife


SALTA!  (en tucuman lol)


zone conference